Saturday, October 27, 2012

Senegalese Twists!

I've been natural for about a year and half now. It has definitely been a journey and I'm happy with my decision. I wanted to switch up my hairstyle and also be able to get up in the morning....and go. 

With much research (DO your Research)and YouTube videos I really liked the Senegalese twists. I was leery at first because I questioned would my 3c curls hold the twists. So I decided to call the hair stylist to set up a consultation (which I highly recommend) so she could see and feel my I could ask her any questions or concerns that I had.

When it came time for my appointment...It took about 7 hours to complete....Yes 7 hours!Especially since the twists are long. I wanted them straight on the ends for a more sleek look. (You can have curly ends as well).She Used 7 packs of kanekalon jumbo braid. It comes in a variety of colors. So many choices!!

I really do love my twists. After getting them done,it took me a couple of days to get used to them.....but they are so much fun. I've received so many compliments. Plus I got the nickname Moesha and Lisa Bonet from my husband and brother LOL. Anywho,I look forward to doing various styles with them.

Few words of advice regarding Senegalese Twists:

For your appointment:

You will be there for a while so bring snacks, a lunch etc.

Bring a book or magazine


You may even doze off...I did for little bit

I wanted my twists long. Some people have them longer than this!It's your personal choice
From the side!

Back view of Senegalese Twists

FAIR WARNING: It may hurt a little, especially when braiding/twisting tight.Your twists will have longevity that way. If it hurts too much Speak Up! Let him/her know that you want them looser.

When you first get them I would personally recommend NOT styling them right away...your twists will be stiff and your scalp may be tender.

VERY low maintenance

Oil your scalp from time to time. Spray them with Braid Spray or Sheen occasionally. (Don't over do it)

Tie them up at night and also when you shower

My stylist told me the longest Senegalese Twists can last are 2 and 1/2 months! (When you take care of them and get a touch up).

So what you think....would you rock these?

Disclaimer: These are my opinions and experiences. I'm not claiming to be a professional hair stylist


  1. Your hair looks amazing! What colour hair did you use, number 2?

    1. Thank you so much Mich Dee! Yes indeed I used good old number 2 :-)

  2. Thank you so much Mich Dee! Yes indeed I used good old number 2 :-)

  3. It's been a month, would you still recommend them? I'm thinking of getting them myself.

    1. Hi necy1121! I would still recommend them! I convinced my mom to get them and she loves them! I still would say these twists are in my top 3 favorite hairstyles. They last a long time and are very easy to maintain! Go for it! Thanks for commenting!

  4. how long did this last? I really want to get these done but I'm so worried - 1. if they'll hurt A LOT 2. look bad on me 3. not last long enough, i dont want to waste my parents money..

    1. Hi Gabrielle! They lasted about 2 months for me. I did however get a touch up around the perimeter of my head. Like braids or anything else it's tight and a little tender at first...but they loosened up. It's worth it to me. Plus it gave me a break from doing my hair. I didn't know how I would look either but I took a chance. I hope that helps! Thanks for commenting!

  5. did any balding occur when you took them out? i've read/researched some youtubers that say their hairline was messed up?
    also, i dont exactly have "kinky" hair per se - my dad is african and my mom is half african american/half filipino and i pretty much got her hair but still not like a white person's hair it's just REALLY curly - it's confusing, sorry aha. but like it should stay in my hair right? (sorry for all the questions!)